Societa Di Mutuo Soccorso Carovillese

Carovillese Society of Campbell, Ohio

In August of 1921, seven proud and caring Italians, our founding fathers, formed a benevolent society. Its purpose was to aid its members in case of sickness, emergency or death. It was with this end in view that the Carovillese Society was planned and organized. Under its supervision and control, the many are enabled to help the few, in a way that is substantial, yet that is burdensome to none.

Elected Officers are called upon to assume designated duties and responsibilities and to fulfill to their fullest ability, to ensure the success and prosperity of the Society.

Because of our by-laws and the hard work and loyalty of generations of members, we are proud to celebrate August 2021, our 100-year anniversary!

New members are accepted by application approval, and the main requirements for admission are being 18 years or older and being of Carovillese descent or married into Carovillese blood family.

The Campbell Society meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7p.m. in the Roosevelt Park Community Center.

Standard Society activities include a Spring and Fall Stag. These are held in Austintown at a unique destination known as “The Squeaky House”! Along with “all you can eat and drink”, a 50/50 drawing, friendly games of morre and bocce! Usually a competition between the Campbell and Akron clubs! If you leave hungry or unhappy, it's your own fault!

We occasionally have a family picnic in late summer, but the culmination of each year is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of December, with a beautiful Christmas Party for all members and their families. Delicious buffet and an array of homemade desserts and a visit by Santa to entertain the children. There’s also the singing of Italian Christmas songs and members entertaining the group by playing “button box” and accordion.

Again, the purpose of this Society is “To love and respect each other and to assist each other in case of sickness or distress.”

Any eligible applicants are ALWAYS welcome. We would be very proud and honored if our legacy was continued another 100 years!!

Grazie Mille

If you are interested in joining our society or would like to attend our events, please contact:

Pat Cavalier: or Jordan Yacovone:

Photos from our 100th Anniversary