About Us

The early 1900s saw tens of thousands of Italians immigrate to Cleveland area, spurred on by the promise of opportunity in America. Here is where desperate immigrants from Carovilli and other small Italian towns found each other and started to make Akron their home. Family ties were rekindled, work was offered, help was ready and waiting, and in 1925 the Carovillese Mutual Aid Society was founded. As more and more countrymen came to our neighborhood, fleeing the wars of the 1930s and 40s, the Carovillese society was there for them. That purpose has long since been served, but in a day with a new generation of Italian immigrants and a storied, thriving community to support, there is still work to be done!

As the oldest active private Italian Club in Akron, Ohio, we host a variety of public and private social events for the Akron - North Hill community. From pasta and pizza nights, to sport and game tournaments, to open outings and barbeques, we bring our community together and celebrate our shared heritage.


Want to become a supporting member of the Carovillese Club? For only $5 a year, anyone 21 years or older can become a secondary member of the society. This entitles you to some hefty discounts on alcoholic beverages!

If you're from Carovilli, descended from Carovilli, or married into the family, talk to the club about securing your primary membership. Only primary members can hold official positions within the organization.